Millennium Primary School Millennium Primary School

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We are really excited by our newly developed curriculum which offers our children a range of rich and stimulating experiences. Teachers carefully plan to meet the needs of all the children in their classes and collaborate to carefully assess their achievements on a regular basis in order to plan next steps (Click here for our curriculum map).

Each year group has a carefully planned weekly timetable which includes ICT sessions in our ICT suite, music lessons with our dedicated music teacher, PE lessons, assemblies, literacy and numeracy basics, and topic work. The children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have daily guided reading sessions and take reading books home that they change on a weekly basis. In Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children have daily structured phonics sessions following Letters and Sounds from the DfE. Children learn about the Spanish language and culture at the school through a range of activities such as cooking, singing, art and role-play. Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 are learning to play the recorder, ukulele or keyboard with a music specialist.

Topic work across the year groups is planned around six Whole School Themes: London, Celebration, Planet Earth, Innovation, Sustainability and Healthy Living. Each year group has a topic which is related to the Whole School Theme, and these are titles with a question to aid inquiry-led learning. For example: How do we know about the Great Fire of London? How would it feel growing up in wartime London? Why is London so multicultural?

We value the importance of audience and sharing in learning, and we look forward to celebrating each topic through an 'Exit Point' such as an exhibition, a class book or a dance performance.

We work hard to enrich the learning at Millennium through high-quality displays which include artefacts to stimulate interest, children's work and resources such as word banks and number lines. Trips and visits are central to our curriculum and all classes enjoy many carefully chosen trips each year.

We have a Forest School on site which enables sessions to take place with fully-qualified staff who engage children in active outdoor learning. We are developing an allotment for each class and we care for a number of small pets throughout the school!

In our assemblies we sing, reflect, seek to inspire awe and wonder, and celebrate festivals, achievements and people's lives. We also focus on moral issues which affect our everyday lives and encourage the development of values. Our school assemblies are non-denominational, however there are occasions when religious festivals and other important events are recognised and discussed within the framework of the school's values. Children do not have to actively take part but we expect them to observe and further their understanding and knowledge of the different cultural and religious beliefs of the school community.

We are proud of our Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark. For information and support please visit the Dyslexia Association website.