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Nursery - Iceland Class

Welcome to Iceland Class with Amy and Kate!

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A message from Kate

Hi, I'm Kate, one of the class teachers in Nursery this year (Wednesday to Friday). In my spare time I love reading, singing and being outdoors, which are all things we love doing in Nursery too! This is my third year at Millennium Primary School and my second year teaching Nursery and I am delighted to be teaching your children. Amy and I are extremely lucky to have such an experienced and creative Early Years Practitioner supporting us - Michelle. We are also really pleased to welcome Manpreet to the team who will be helping us every afternoon. We have had a wonderful few weeks getting to know your children and introducing them to the new routines as part of Iceland class. As a mum myself I know how it feels to leave your children in Nursery for the first time and I am very grateful to you all for your patience and support with this transition for your children. I am so impressed with how quickly they have settled. So far we have been learning about Iceland and also lots about ​shape for a maths investigation (some of your children's work will be going on display in the school soon) using paint, play dough and some giant shapes! For the next few weeks we will be getting to know each other better with our 'All About Me' topic and starting some weekly 1:1 learning sessions with your children. We have lots of exciting topics coming up including Fairy Tales; Under the Sea; People who Help Us; Life in the Garden; and a mystery topic that will connect to our whole school learning, so watch this space!


A message from Amy

Hi, I am Amy, the nursery teacher from Monday to Wednesday. My Masters is in Business and my prior jobs have included everything from working with the mentally ill to being a lifeguard, but my absolute passion and love in life is teaching children! I have worked with and taught children from 6 months to 8 years old and have a 14 month old son myself. I am so excited to be part of the Millennium Nursery team this year, working alongside Kate, Michelle and Manpreet. It’s been lovely to see how quickly the children have all settled in and are enjoying themselves. I am eager to get started and see the children progress and flourish!