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Year 1 - China and Wales classes

 Welcome to Year 1 - China class with Steph and Wales class with Ayesha

Our Learning in the Autumn Term

Maths Overview

This half term the children will be learning about number and place value. They will be developing their fluency with their counting skills starting from 0-20 and progressively working their way up until they can count to 100 forwards and backwards securely. They will be learning about addition and subtraction by finding one more and one less and will be taught their number bonds to 10. They will be learning about how to use manipulatives such as cubes and a number line to help them count and recognise numbers. They will begin to look at partitioning numbers and how to solve number problems.

English Overview

This half term we will be focusing on teaching the children how to use their oracy skills to develop their ability to write short and simple sentences. We will then begin to teach them how to use punctuation correctly beginning with full stops and capital letters. We will be teaching them about different word types starting with adjectives to encourage them to become descriptive writers and there will also be a particular focus on spellings and how to use their knowledge of phonics to spell words.

Check out our other learning in the documents below

You will find knowledge organisers for some of our foundation subjects. These detail the core knowledge that the children will be covering.